A Strong, Clear, Emotional, and Heartbreaking Story

Good evening,
My name is Marnie Woods and I teach 8th grade at Ladera Ranch Middle School. For our Red Ribbon Week, our counselor, Tom Bogiatzis, sent the link to your documentary video to show my students this week. At first, I thought that this was going to be another video telling kids not to do drugs…boy, was I wrong!

I’ve been teaching for thirty years, and your documentary was POWERFUL. My students were glued to the screen and they listened to the stories of these young adults, and the message was raw, real and heartfelt. Thank YOU so much for sharing your story about your son – my deepest sympathies to your family. Thank YOU for sharing the stories of those who survived…amazing success stories. Having REAL people share their most personal stories truly affected my students and me! The message was strong, clear, emotional, and heartbreaking, but it was definitely heard!

Thank you on behalf of 154 eighth graders and myself. We will never forget this documentary, your son, the people in your film, and the message: pills kill – just one pill – it’s NOT worth it.

Marnie Woods

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