Sacramento Hearing SB482 bill

Good news! Feeling so good to be part of this! Letter from Carmen Balber… Jodi This morning, the Assembly Business and Professions committee voted 15-0 for SB 482 by Senator Lara, to rein in opioid over-prescribing and curb the overdose epidemic. We couldn’t have achieved this tremendous, unanimous result without your support! Thank you for […]

The CURES Program

Senator DeSaulnier just authored a new CURES funding bill, SB 809 Laguna Niguel, California mom, Jodi Barber, tells her story of how she lost her beloved son Jarrod from a prescription pill overdose three years ago. The CURES system will enable prescribers and pharmacists to review controlled substance information to identify and deter drug abuse […]

Legislators threaten to kill state medical board

Lawmakers warn that they will let the agency expire next year if it doesn’t become more aggressive in taking action against dangerous doctors. Price and Gordon said patients “deserve a proactive Medical Board that places patient protection and interests first, ahead of physician interests.” Read the whole article here.