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Overtaken 2 – Where Are They Now

In the Original Overtaken, several young adults talk about the dark and destructive path drugs and addiction led them down. Now, these same young adults reflect on their newfound sobriety and how they overcame the depths of addiction.

Overtaken 2 – Where Are They Now aims to tell these stories with a message of optimism and hope to inspire those who are facing the same challenges of substance abuse and addiction. You’ll hear about how, when, and why they became sober, as well as what their lives are like today. Various specialists from the addiction/recovery field will also speak about the medical and scientific reasons behind addiction and recovery, as well as share many of the various resources that rate available for those seeking help.

The young adults in this film are a true living example that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is always hope for those currently experiencing addiction and drug abuse!


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