Mom’s Voice: “Overtaken 2: Where Are They Now” at NB Film Fest

Jodi Barber is a brave and beautiful woman with a message. I watch with admiration as she finds the strength to her rise above the grief of losing her 19 year-old son Jarrod to a drug overdose, dedicating her time and energy to stop the drug epidemic in our society.

Doctor Arrested In Connection With Overdose Deaths, Relieves Local Moms

Laguna Niguel mothers,and , said they were able to breathe sighs of relief when they heard that Rowland Heights doctor, Lisa Tseng was charged with second-degree murder and other counts in the prescription drug overdose deaths of three male patients was arrested Wednesday.

Team 10: Push for doctors to disclose probation before treatment

SAN DIEGO – Team 10 was first to learn about a national push that would require doctors to tell you if they are on probation before they treat you.

A petition has just been launched by the Consumer’s Union Safe Patient Project, and the group says 400 doctors are on probation in California for things like sexual abuse, violence and even death.

O.C. Register

Almost two years ago after my son passed away, then a week later two more, and another and another, I needed to spread the word that this is an epidemic! Orange County Register was gracious enough to get the word out. My purpose is to alert parents and realize this is happening in their own […]