We have just been made aware of a great step toward building awareness about the “silent epidemic” of prescription drug addiction and overdose. This progress comes in the form of a film, called Overtaken. Overtaken was made by Jodi Barber right here in Laguna Niguel, Orange County. After her son died of an overdose to a combination of prescription drugs, Jodi made the choice to spread awareness through this 28-minute documentary. We applaud Jodi and cannot wait to see the movie. We will share a review and also post any opportunity to see the film here on the Landing blog. Losing a college-age youth to prescription drug addiction is just tragic. – The Landing of Newport Beach

Best Drug Addiction & Substance Abuse Documentaries to Show Young Adults – This gripping documentary focuses on the stories of teens who have experienced near-death situations due to drug abuse. The stories shared are from teens who do not fit stereotypes one often associates with substance abuse. – Sober College – Rehab Redefined

All kind of drugs is bad for you. The documentary I watched really has made a big impression on me because I now realize what drugs can do to you,  that they can damage you for the rest of your life.  All the people in this documentary, are changed for their entire lives. Because of that one choice they made, take an overdose. – Pienelien

“In my 38 years of managing addiction treatment programs; developing treatment protocols, conducting outcome studies on discharged patients, developing prevention protocols with Nancy Reagan and Whitehouse staff, and creating PSA’s in concert with a major advertising agency along with books, pamphlets and even brain scan images of persons who used drugs and alcohol some of which won advertising awards, your videos of young patients who used drugs and other substances of abuse will have the greatest impact on prevention of substance abuse than any other.  Further, I would say that they should be a mandatory part of the curriculum in each high school in this country and perhaps others.”

Thanks again for your willingness to share these films.  And any help you can provide in driving people to our site could help save others especially if some can donate a few dollars in the name of other people they know that suffered trauma and even death at the hands of addiction.

In Gratitude

Edward Carels, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
Addiction Medicine Institute
1024 Bayside Dr. Ste 459
Newport Beach, Ca. 92660

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