The # 8 Will Never Bee The Same!

Since the tender age of 8, I loved Elvis Presley. I had every album. I would listen to his songs over and over in my room on my record player. I have watched all his movies continuous times. You can pretty much ask me any question about Elvis, and I can answer it. I saw him in concert three times and he was amazing. 8 became my lucky number. For 42 years I looked forward to Elvis’s birthday, because his movies were shown on t.v. Back in my sales rep days, I was asked to attend a 3 day seminar in Memphis, Tennessee. When my boss asked me if I would go, I had to think about it. Yeah right!!! I immediately said, “Yes!” The day I was supposed to fly home was the day I went to visit Graceland. I was in 7th heaven! In fact, I almost missed my plane.

2008 was a horrible year. Jarrod was caught with a joint in his car in the school parking lot. In order to go to the prom, ( the one and only dance he wanted to attend) Jarrod did community service and was required to attend 20 AA meetings. He was involved in two car accidents. The second one he hit a tree and totaled his car, with his friend in the passenger side. At that point, Jarrod was taken to jail over night for weed in his system. He got a DUI and worked the program.

Jarrod passed away on January 8, 2010. The day Elvis was born! There have been 11 kids from the graduating class of 2008 from Dana Hills High School, who have died from an accidental drug overdose. There have been at least 6 from the graduating class of 2008, who died the same way from Aliso Niguel High school.

Now, when January 8 comes around, Elvis doesn’t even come to mind anymore!!

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  1. Boy, do we have a lot to talk about! I was born on Jan. 8, from Memphis where my best friend was Elvis Presley’s doctors daughter, Elaine Nichoupoulos. I just moved from Dana Point to Burbank. I have a 17 year old son that I am terrified for on a daily basis, etc….. I found you through a Facebook posting that broke my heart about Torin Wood.

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